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Guarantees & Assurances

It’s One Thing to Say it. Quite Another to Prove it.

Words alone don’t tell our whole story. They need to be reinforced by actions that give them credibility.

Is it enough to state how happy we think you’ll be once choosing Swan’s as your go-to home or commercial plumbing team? Probably not. Which is why we offer a series of actionable guarantees and assurances to give you a heightened sense of confidence:

On-Time or We Pay You $50. If we’re even one minute late for a service or repair call, we pay you $50.

Red Carpet Service. When we show up at your door, we literally roll out a red carpet to instantly start protecting your surroundings. We also wear shoe covers and change them each time we return to our truck for parts or material. We even lay down mats to protect the flooring around the work area. Our goal is to leave your house exactly as we found it.

Professionalism Plus. We are fully licensed and insured, and have been the trusted choice of government departments in WA for many years. They’re sure of our trustworthiness and high-quality plumbing. We’ll work hard to demonstrate those same qualities to you.

Full-Service Plumbers, Drain Cleaners, Gas Fitters, and More. Have you ever hired a plumber for a job, only to discover they couldn’t complete it due to a lack of certain equipment, the right kind of experience, and so on? That doesn’t happen when you hire Swan’s Complete Plumbing. Which is why our middle name is “Complete”.

Latest Technology. We possess and skillfully employ the latest plumbing technologies on your behalf. That includes video camera inspection to save time in locating and diagnosing the problem. It also includes trenchless ‘no dig’ relining equipment.

We’re Friendly, Too. Whether it’s over the phone, via email, or in person, we strive to show you the personal side of Swan’s Complete Plumbing. It’s our goal to make doing business with us a pleasure.

Swan’s Complete Plumbing. Proving every day that we offer more of what you want and expect from a professional plumbing resource.