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Kitchen & Bath Upgrades

Here at Swan’s, Kitchen & Bath Upgrades are a Specialty of the House!

Kitchens and bathrooms enjoy heavy traffic all day long.

Which is to say, they’re easy to get sick of. And once you’re sick of something, you want it upgraded, replaced, expanded, or improved in some other way.

Here at Swan’s Complete Plumbing, we can handle all the plumbing your next project requires.

New Kitchen Plumbing | Kitchen Renovations

When you envision your new or updated kitchen, what does it include? With Swan’s Complete Plumbing advising you and bringing your vision to life, the sky’s the limit.  Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • A new tap, with so many different styles, types, and finishes to choose from
  • An under-sink water filtration system with its own dedicated tap
  • An under-mounted sink
  • A new or revamped island with its own prep sink
  • A coffee/tea station, also with its own sink
  • A new gas connection so you can replace your electric range with a gas model and cook like the pros
  • A new fridge with a cold water tap and ice maker

From design assistance to product suggestions, demolition, and complete installation services, trust Swan’s Complete Plumbing to help see your project through from beginning to end.

New Bathroom Plumbing | Bathroom Renovations

Even your master bathroom is likely smaller than your kitchen, but the possibilities for fresh and creative upgrades are just as abundant.

Perhaps, for example, you want a whole new floor plan. Great idea, but please don’t implement it until you talk to us first as the re-piping costs could put your project over budget.

Whatever you have in mind, plumbing will play a role in both the process and outcome.  Here are just some of the bathroom upgrade services we provide:

  • Toilet installation
  • Bidet installation
  • Replacing your conventional tub with a walk-in shower
  • Installing additional bathroom safety features like grab bars, anti-scald taps or shower valves, motion-sensitive taps in your sink, and more
  • Expanding the floor plan of your shower
  • Replacing your shower with an enclosed steam shower for the ultimate in luxury
  • Re-piping your shower with multiple shower jets
  • Installing new sinks and taps

Again, our services include design assistance, new product selection, demolition, installation, and more.

For an experienced hand to guide your bathroom upgrade or renovation process, contact Swan’s Complete Plumbing today.