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In a world increasingly focused on environmentally conscious living and cutting-edge technology, electric hot water systems are an increasingly popular choice and we can see why! Electric hot water systems are a great choice for their efficiency, reliability, and ease of installation, providing a consistent and readily available supply of hot water for your home or business needs.

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What is an electric hot water system?

An electric hot water system, or electric water heater, is a device that uses electricity to heat water for residential or commercial plumbing purposes. There are three main types of electric hot water systems.

Storage electric hot water systems

Storage tank systems store and heat a specific amount of water in an insulated tank using electricity. The heated water is ready for use when needed, and the tank refills with cold water to be heated again once depleted.

Continuous flow electric hot water systems

As the name suggests, instantaneous or continuous flow systems heat water directly as it flows through the unit without the need for a storage tank. They provide hot water on demand, eliminating the standby heat loss associated with storage tank heaters.

Heat pump electric hot water systems

A heat pump hot water system uses electricity to move heat from the air or ground to heat the water. This process makes them efficient because they transfer existing heat rather than creating it.

A perth plumber fixing a broken electric hot water system

Common plumbing problems with electric hot water systems

Several common plumbing problems can occur with electric hot water systems but lucky for you, our plumbers are very experienced in all hot water system services. Here are some issues you might encounter:

  • No hot water
  • Inadequate hot water supply
  • Water leaking hot water system
  • Strange noises coming from the hot water system
  • Rusty or discoloured water
  • Low hot water pressure
  • Temperature fluctuations and much more.

If you’ve got a problem with your electric hot water system, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our local friendly plumbers

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Keep your electric hot water system in tip top shape with a FREE annual health check

Whilst not all plumbing problems can be avoided, you can minimise the risk with a free plumbing health check! At Swan’s Professional Plumbing, all of our members are entitled to a free health check each year. You don’t need to have a specific hot water heater problem to take advantage of this service. We want to be able to pick up any potential issues before they escalate into big plumbing emergencies!

Benefits of choosing electric hot water systems

Choosing electric hot water systems offers several benefits, making them a popular choice for many Perth households. Here are some advantages:


Lower upfront cost

Electric water heaters often have a lower upfront cost compared to some other types of water heating systems. This makes them an attractive option for those on a budget.

Ease of installation

Electric hot water systems are generally easier to install compared to systems that rely on gas systems that rely on gas connections or complex venting. This can result in lower installation costs and quicker setup.

Low maintenance

Electric hot water systems generally require less maintenance compared to some other types of water heaters. Carrying out routine tasks such as flushing the tank to remove sediment buildup can help maintain efficiency.

Government incentives

Certain types of electric hot water systems may offer rebates due to their energy-efficiency.

Is an electric hot water system the right choice for me?

The suitability of an electric hot water system depends on various factors related to your specific needs, preferences, and the characteristics of your home. Here are some considerations to help you determine if an electric hot water system is the right choice for you:

Initial cost and budget:

Electric water heaters often have a lower upfront cost compared to some other types. If you are on a budget and want a cost-effective solution, an electric system might be suitable.

Installation convenience

Electric hot water systems are generally easier to install, and they don’t require venting systems like some gas water heaters. If you prioritise ease of installation, an electric system might be more convenient.

Hot water usage patterns

Consider your household’s hot water usage patterns. If your demand for hot water is relatively consistent and you don’t require a high flow rate simultaneously at multiple points, an electric hot water system may provide your household with enough hot water to meet you and your family’s needs.

Space Constraints

If you have limited space or need a compact water heating solution, continuous flow electric water heaters can be a space-saving option as they don’t require a large storage tank.

Swan’s Professional Plumbing is your go-to for all hot water system services

Swan’s Professional Plumbing are your local hot water system experts, offering quality services in installation, maintenance, and repairs on all types including electric, solar and gas hot water systems. With a skilled team and in-depth knowledge, we provide tailored solutions for efficient and reliable hot water systems. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for a local plumber today!

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Electric Hot Water System FAQs

In Western Australia, there are often many incentives offered by the state government to promote the use of energy-efficient appliances, including hot water systems. In terms of electric hot water systems, certain electric heat pump systems are eligible for financial incentives under the small-scale technology certificate. Please note that these initiatives tend to change so it’s best to chat to us directly if you are looking to enquire about a new system that meets the requirements.

The frequency of servicing for an electric hot water system can vary based on factors such as the system's age, usage, and local water conditions. However, a general recommendation is to schedule professional servicing at least once a year. Regular hot water system maintenance helps ensure that your electric hot water system operates efficiently, remains in good condition, and has an extended lifespan.

At Swan’s Professional Plumbing, we offer all our members a free annual plumbing health check each year. As part of this, we check your hot water system to ensure everything's working as it should. This helps prevent big costly plumbing emergencies down the line.

No, it is not recommended for people without proper training and qualifications to attempt maintenance on an electric hot water system. Working with electrical appliances and systems requires specialised knowledge to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. Additionally, tampering with the system without the necessary training could lead to serious safety hazards, electrical issues, or costly damage to the hot water system.

To determine the right size electric hot water system for your home, there's a few different factors that plumbers take into consideration. This includes looking at household size and calculating the peak hot water demand by assessing simultaneous appliance usage, such as running a shower and dishwasher at the same time. We also need to look at the typical duration of use and temperature. We recommend reaching out to one of our experienced plumbers for tailored advice surrounding choosing the right hot water system size.

The time it takes for an electric hot water system to heat water depends on several factors, including the capacity of the water heater, the initial temperature of the incoming water, and the desired temperature setting. In general:

  • Storage tank water heaters: For storage tank water heaters, it typically takes 30 minutes to an hour for the water to reach the desired temperature. This can vary based on the size of the tank and the heating element's power.
  • Continuous flow water heaters: Continuous flow or instantaneous water heaters provide hot water instantly as it flows through the unit. However, the time it takes to heat the water depends on the unit's flow rate, the temperature rise needed, and the power of the heating element. It can take a few seconds to reach the desired temperature.

Keep in mind that the insulation of the hot water system tank and the efficiency of the heating elements also play a role in the heating speed. It's recommended to check the manufacturer's specifications for your specific hot water system model for more accurate information.

Electric hot water systems can vary in terms of energy-efficiency, and their efficiency depends on the type of system you have. Here are some common types of electric hot water systems and how they fair in terms of energy-efficiency:

  • Storage tank water heaters: Traditional electric storage tank water heaters can be less energy-efficient because they continuously heat water to maintain a set temperature, even when hot water is not in use. Energy losses can occur through the walls of the tank.
  • Continuous flow water heaters: Tankless electric water heaters are generally considered more energy-efficient. They only heat water when there's a demand, avoiding standby energy losses associated with storage tanks. However, the efficiency can be influenced by factors such as the unit's size, the temperature rise required, and the electrical capacity of your home.
  • Heat pump water heaters: These systems are more energy-efficient than traditional electric water heaters. They transfer heat from the air or ground to heat the water, using less electricity. However, they may not be suitable for all households.


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