Continuous Flow Water Heater

Continuous flow water heaters ensure you'll always have all the hot water you need.

Tired of Running Out of Hot Water? Here’s the Perfect Cure.

Once you get used to a continuous flow water heater, it will be hard to imagine how you ever lived without it…especially if your current water heater cuts out at inopportune times.

You see, with the right-sized continuous flow water heater, you’ll have all the hot water you need, even during periods of peak usage.  Here’s why:

  • There’s no storage tank capable of running out of hot water
  • Instead, cold water flows through the system’s heat exchanger where it’s instantly heated and sent to its destination

With no storage tank to be concerned with, continuous flow water heaters free up valuable floor space inside or outside your home. The storage tank is replaced by a wall-mounted heat exchanger which can be installed just about anywhere, including inside a closet, your laundry room, outdoors, and so on.

Here’s more to like about continuous flow water heaters:
  • Gas powered
  • Longer system lifespan than storage tank systems
  • Cleaner & fresher water, too, since water in a storage tank system can pick up bits of rust and scale
  • Less chance of scalding since they operate at a lower temperature than storage tank systems

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