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Hot Water Service | Water Heater Repair

Certain Plumbing Problems Can’t Wait. Having “No Hot Water” is One of Them.

When it comes to home water heater service, most calls we receive are problem related…no hot water, not enough hot water, a noisy water heater, and so on.

We receive such requests every day. Which means we’re ALWAYS ready to respond with the kind of top-level service our customers have grown to expect from Swan’s Professional Plumbing:

  • We show up on time or we pay you $50
  • 24/7 emergency repair service available
  • We service and repair most makes and models of domestic water heaters
  • Our vans are like rolling warehouses, positively loaded with the right parts and materials so we can Professional most repairs with just one visit to your home
  • Our trained and  experienced technicians will accurately diagnose the problem and offer you optional solutions, each one accompanied by a guaranteed upfront price quote. That way, you can better decide what works best for your home, family, and budget
  • We guarantee your 100% satisfaction

Whatever the problem might be with your hot water service, contact us now by phone or email. It’s the one sure way to discover the true value Swan’s Professional Plumbing brings to the table.


Water Heater Maintenance | No Hot Water

You expect a lot from your water heater…we all do! Need a shower? Take one. Time to run a load of sheets and towels? What are you waiting for? Don’t have enough dishes and cutlery for tonight’s meal? No problem…just run the dishwasher.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But to get a handle on the size of this iceberg, try counting for just one day the number of times you and other families turn on a hot water tap or appliance…frankly, we think you’ll be amazed.

For that reason alone, we urge you to request our water heater performance and safety inspection now, and once a year thereafter. Here’s what you gain from our annual hands-on professional attention:

  • Improved operating performance
  • Lower operating costs
  • Fewer & less costly repairs
  • Added home and personal safety
  • Longer system lifespan

Above all, our water heater performance and safety inspection will provide greater peace of mind – perhaps the greatest benefit of all.  Has it been a year or longer since your water heater received the TLC it deserves?  If so, contact Swan’s Professional Plumbing today.