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Experiencing a plumbing emergency? Call Swan's Professional Plumbing now! Plumbing emergencies can quickly cause havoc if not attended to promptly. Call our team for a same-day plumbing service.
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Don't Wait in a Plumbing Emergency, Call Swan's Professional Plumbing!

Need a local emergency plumber? The team at Swan’s Professional Plumbing are here to save the day! We understand that plumbing emergencies can strike at any given moment, causing stress and inconvenience. Our experienced plumbers are available to tackle any plumbing issue with efficiency and professionalism. A plumbing emergency can quickly cause havoc if not attended to as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency and need a local plumber fast, give our team a call now!

Minimise The Risk of a Plumbing Emergency With a Free Plumbing Health Check

Not all emergency plumbing problems can be avoided but you can reduce the risk! Did you know all members of Swan’s Professional Plumbing receive a FREE plumbing health check each year? This allows our plumbers to identify and mitigate the risk of any plumbing issues to avoid them turning into big expensive plumbing emergencies in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team about joining the program.

Why Call Upon Swan's Professional Plumbing as Your Local Plumber

Track us when we’re on our way You’ll receive a text message when your plumber is 30 minutes away so you can track their exact arrival.
We treat your home with respect It’s no secret that plumbing can be messy. Our licensed plumbers take extra precautions to leave your home in pristine condition.
Free annual safety checks All of our members receive a FREE plumbing safety check each year to help prevent unexpected emergencies.
Excellent service on every job Our Perth plumbers pride themselves in delivering top-quality plumbing solutions with dedication.
Perth family-owned business With over 50+ years of experience, Swan’s Professional Plumbing has proudly been servicing the Perth & Peel region for decades.
Your local Perth plumber for life We service the entire Perth & Peel region and we’re dedicated to being your local Perth plumbers for life, no matter your address.
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What is a Plumbing Emergency?

Whilst there’s no set criteria for a plumbing emergency, it generally refers to a sudden and often critical plumbing issue that requires immediate attention from a professional plumber. These emergencies can cause significant damage, inconvenience, and safety risks if not attended to quickly so if you’re ever unsure it’s always best to call a local plumber as soon as possible for further advice!

Common examples of plumbing emergencies are listed below.

Burst pipes

A burst or ruptured pipe can lead to a sudden and uncontrollable water leak, potentially causing extensive water damage to the property. It may result from corrosion, blocked drains or excessive water pressure.

Broken backflow device

Sewage backups

When the sewage system becomes blocked or overflows, it can cause sewage to backflow into sinks, toilets, or drains, posing health hazards and requiring immediate cleanup and repair.

plumber attending to a gas leak plumbing emergency

Gas leaks

Gas leaks, often associated with natural gas or LPG, are extremely dangerous and can lead to fire or explosions. They require immediate evacuation and professional intervention from a licensed gas fitter.

broken hot water system that has caused a plumbing emergency

Hot water system issues

If the hot water system malfunctions and disrupts your everyday activities, chat to the team at Swan’s Professional Plumbing

Leaking tap causing a plumbing emergency

Leaking fixtures

Leaky taps, toilets, or other plumbing fixtures can waste water and lead to water damage if not promptly repaired.

Damaged waterline causing a plumbing emergency

Broken water lines

A broken or damaged water supply line can disrupt the water supply to the entire property, causing inconvenience and potential property damage.

Don’t Wait Before It’s Too Late! Call Swan’s Professional Plumbing For Emergency Plumbing Services

Need an emergency plumber fast? Don’t hesitate for a second longer! When plumbing emergencies strike, there’s no time to waste. Reach out to Swan’s Professional Plumbing right away for same-day assistance from one of our experienced emergency plumbers.


At Swan’s Professional Plumbing, we’re firm believers that prevention is best! By booking a free plumbing health check each year, our expert plumbers can assess the condition of your plumbing system. This proactive approach allows us to spot early signs of wear, leaks, or other problems and address them before they become emergencies. Also, don’t neglect plumbing maintenance. Did you know that hot water systems should be serviced every year? Tasks like flushing the hot water system, cleaning your drains and clearing hard water buildup are super important in preventing emergency plumbing problems.

In a plumbing emergency, the usual first step is to turn off the main water supply to prevent further damage and flooding, if it is safe to do so. If the situation is severe, you may also consider turning off electricity and gas. However, we recommend contacting one of our professional plumbers immediately, explaining the issue clearly, for advice first. Try to avoid starting any DIY fixes, prioritise safety, and protect valuables from water damage. Document the damage for insurance purposes, and stay calm until the plumber arrives to resolve the issue.

In the event of a burst pipe, the first step is to locate and turn off the main water shut-off valve for your property to halt the water flow and prevent further flooding. Collect and contain water using towels or buckets to prevent damage to your property. Then, contact a licensed professional plumber immediately to assess and repair the burst pipe, as they will have the expertise and equipment to address the issue quickly and effectively.

You can generally suspect a gas leak by the distinctive smell of natural gas (often described as similar to rotten eggs) and hissing or unusual sounds near gas lines. If this is the case you need to call a gas plumber ASAP! At Swan’s Professional Plumbing, all our plumbers are licensed gas fitters. You should also prioritise your safety by evacuating immediately and refraining from using any electronic devices or open flames. Leave doors and windows open for ventilation, turn off the gas supply at the main shut-off valve if safe to do so, and do not re-enter the building.

In Australian homes, you'll typically find the main shut-off valve near your water metre, often positioned outside near the front of your house or close to the garden tap. To cut off water to your home, simply turn this valve clockwise, although occasionally it may require some extra effort with pliers due to stiffness.

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