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Trenchless Repair & Replacement

Trenchless Drain Repair | Pipe Relining

We Can Repair Underground Sewer Lines Without Digging Up Your Lawn!

Sorry to say, drain cleaning doesn’t always get the job done. And yet whatever it takes, rest assured we WILL get the job done.

Let’s say, for example, that tree or shrub roots have infiltrated an underground sewer line and taken up residence inside. That’s home sweet home for them, feeding off the nutrients we routinely dispose of.

How would we even know root obstruction was the problem? That’s something we can determine conclusively by inspecting the inside of your drain lines with our video drain inspection equipment. It’s a technology that allows to identify other potential problems without having to dig up your lawn. Such problems include:

  • Collapsed or broken pipes
  • Underground pipe corrosion
  • Line breaks caused by shifting soil
  • Improper digging during construction, sprinkler installation, and so on
  • Leaking joints


No-Dig Drain Repair

Drain repair is quite enough of a headache – one that only grows worse when you’re told your lawn, patio, driveway, etc., must be dug up first to locate the problem, then to fix it. Swan’s Professional Plumbing helps eliminate the need for property excavation with our pipe relining service.

Instead of digging long and deep holes, we dig two very small holes, one at each end of the pipe needing repair. Next, we inject a flexible material into the pipe that will expand to fit the internal pipe walls and harden over a period of several hours. Often, the relined pipe is stronger than PVC replacement pipes, and much more affordable.

Even better, pipe relining prevents further root invasion.

Does pipe re-lining work in every drain repair situation?  No, because it’s difficult if not impossible to reline a pipe that has completely collapsed. That’s why Swan’s Professional Plumbing also offers excavation services.

If one or more drains are acting up, contact us today so we can accurately diagnose the problem and offer you the correct solution: drain cleaning, drain repair, or drain replacement.  At Swan’s Professional Plumbing, we do it all.