Home Protection Plan

Check Out the Swan’s Professional Plumbing Home Protection Plan. It is (practically!) the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread.

What’s the one thing you like least about your home plumbing?

The almost certain likelihood that sooner or later, repair problems are going to emerge, and each one is going to cost money to resolve.

Well, what if we told you we could greatly minimise those problems and, in some cases, make them disappear entirely? Well, that’s what you get, plus considerably more, when you enroll in our Home Protection Plan (HPP).

Home Protection Plan Benefits

Your primary reason for enrolling in our Home Protection Plan is to see these 3 annual services at no added cost:

  • Annual plumbing safety inspection
  • Annual plumbing performance inspection
  • Annual water heater adjustment and tune-up

What do you gain from these three vital services, all of which are included in your one low plan membership fee?

The answer is, “a lot,” including:

  • Added safety
  • Fewer repair problems
  • Lower repair costs
  • Longer plumbing lifespan
  • Improved plumbing performance
  • And, above all, you’ll enjoy added peace of mind.

More Customer Benefits We Know You’ll Appreciate

As a Home Protection Plan Customer, here’s what else you’ll receive from Swan’s Professional Plumbing:

  • 15% off all service and repair work
  • No call-out fee…just for HPP customers
  • Priority service scheduling
  • Assured price protection…even if the fee for HPP membership increases during your enrolment period, your price won’t change until that period ends.
  • HPP Silver Plan: one-year membership, just $99.00 including gst
  • HPP Gold Plan. Two-year membership, just $180.00 including gst
  • HPP Platinum Plan: Three-year membership just $246.00 including gst. That comes to just $82.00 per year, or more than 50% off our one-year membership fee.
  • Platinum Plan Bonus Service: Platinum Plan members also receive a complimentary sewer video inspection. It’s a great way to detect blockages before the problem becomes bigger and costlier to repair.

Who’s the Perfect HPP Candidate?

We think that just might be you. Especially if you value having a plumber totally in your corner, one who saves you money at every turn, and does a great deal to ensure problem-free plumbing from one year to the next.

To learn more about our Home Protection Plan, contact our office today. Or, ask your Swan’s Professional Plumbing service technician the next time he provides service in your home. 

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