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Heat Pump Hot Water Service

Heat Pump Water Heater | Heat Pump Water Heater Repair

A System Designed to Save You Money.

Heat pump water heaters offer so many consumer advantages, you practically need a score sheet to keep tabs.

Let’s take it from the top.

  • This is the water heater of choice for more and more energy-conscious home owners. At three times the energy efficiency of an electric water heater, it will make a significant dent in your utility costs and dramatically shrink your carbon footprint.
  • Heat pump water heaters are also called “Hybrid” systems. That’s because they heat your water in two ways. First, by drawing in the ambient warm air around it. When the temperature dips below 10 degrees Celsius during the winter, electrical power takes over to supply your family with the hot water you need until outdoor temperatures warm up again.
  • A heat pump water heater produces 3-5 times the amount of renewable energy than the electricity sometimes required to assist in heating your water.
  • Easier to install than a solar water heater…more affordable, too.
  • And yet just like a solar water heater, your purchase entitles you to STCs (small technology certificates) which can significantly lower your purchase price.

At Swan’s Professional Plumbing, we offer you multiple new water heater options, with heat pump units becoming an increasingly popular choice. Is it the right choice for you? Call today to request a free in-home needs analysis and new system proposal, and let’s find out…together!