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Water Pipe Leak | Water Leak Detection

The Sooner You Identify the Problem, the Less Severe the Damage.

Household water leaks happen every now and again…it’s just a fact of life. And many of them, while annoying, pose little if any threat to damaging your home. They still require prompt and decisive action, however, to minimise the loss of water…it’s a natural resource we need to conserve at every turn.

But what about those pipe and water leaks you can’t readily see or feel? You know, things like:

  • A damp spot on a carpet over a concrete slab
  • Wet spots on ceilings or walls
  • Odour of decaying mood
  • Black mold forming on walls or ceilings
  • Unusual sounds in your plumbing, like the sound of rushing water
  • Particle or sediment in your water or on your dishes that stem from a broken underground water line
  • Signs of water leak behind your fridge from a loose or broken water line connection

Let’s explore that last example a bit further. Let’s say that leak happens, and it’s another two months before you pull your fridge away from the wall to clean and dust. Right away, you see either a small pool of water or water stains on your moulding or floor. The water stains are worse than the pool of water, because that means water has seeped into your subflooring and is actively creating problems.


Leaking Pipes | Pipe Leak Repair

At Swan’s Professional Plumbing, we have the latest electronic water leak detection to find hidden water leaks anywhere they might be: behind walls, inside the ceiling, under a floor, under your yard, and anywhere else water leaks might occur.

More than spotting them, we can determine the extent of the problem and the probable cause, and all without doing any digging and thus destroying at least part of your property.

Electronic leak detection has another key benefit, besides. The earlier the problem is detected, the faster we can get it resolved. And again, with minimal digging or other invasive steps to help keep your cost of repair to a bare minimum.

So, where other plumbers must resort to a certain amount of guesswork, put your trust n Swan’s Professional Plumbing. Because we don’t guess. We locate, learn, and resolve.