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For as many years as we can remember, electric storage tank water heaters ruled the land. Today, they’re still popular, partly because of how reliable most of them are. Electric water heaters also have have excellent staying power and can help save you money when running yours at the off-peak electricity rate.

Nowadays, however, gas water heaters are becoming the more popular choice. On average, they cost less to operate, even though electric water heaters tend to have a longer system lifespan.

Confused already? Don’t be, because Swan’s Professional Plumbing will guide you through the selection process; at the same time, we’ll match your needs and budget to exactly the right new water heater for you home.

Storage Tank Hot Water Service

When you combine the quality of the water heaters we install with our time-tested skill and experience, the result is a fully-installed water heater that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Plus, we maintain and repair everything thing we install, including continuous flow and heat pump water heaters.

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