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Hot water not working? Repair or Replace Perth

Do you ever wonder why a plumber will often suggest replacing your hot water unit, rather than repair the system?  A Swan’s Plumbing, we always will offer different options at different price points and levels of repair or replacement. In every case, there is still a valid reason for each […]

5 Ways to Beautify Your Home


What kind of visual beauty do you appreciate most and where do you go to find it? Most agree that you shouldn’t have to look any farther than your home.  Not that a little variety isn’t a great thing – like a day at the beach or walk through a […]

Health Benefits of a Hot Bath


A hot bath has hidden powers that go well beyond its ability to help you unwind and relax in a peaceful setting. It’s not just quality “alone time”, either. The fact is, hot baths have therapeutic powers – enough to make you want to unleash their potential more often. Let’s […]

Why is My Fridge Leaking?


“Fantastic!  The delivery people have just pulled up with our new refrigerator and, in very short order, they’ll plug it in and, just like that, no more problems like we had with the old one!” Is life really that simple? Don’t we all wish.  You see, even new refrigerators can […]

How to Prevent a Blocked Storm Drain


Nothing solves storm drain blockages like prevention. In the absence of preventive maintenance, your drain is bound to block up over time, thus leaving you with a serious mess to deal with. Property damage is another possibility. A storm drain, for the record, consists of connecting pipes that lead from […]

How to Keep Floor & Shower Drains Clear


While floor and shower drains are designed to take more abuse than sink drains or toilets, they’re anything but blockage free. Every day, hair, pieces of soap, shampoo residue, and more are entering your drains – and that spells potential trouble. Blocked Shower Drains The easiest way to rid your […]

Why You Should Drink Warm Water


There’s nothing quite like the taste and feel of a nice cold glass of water. Or is there? Well, maybe not in terms of refreshment, but there are multiple health benefits of making warm water part of your daily diet. Let’s examine a few of them. Aid to Digestion Start […]

The Benefits of Filtered Water


Here’s one of life’s little ironies: nothing is more essential to our bodies than water, and yet most people don’t think a great deal about the quality of the water they consume. We tend to think there are quality issues because that way, there’s less to worry about. And while […]

Why Does Shower Water Turn Scalding Hot


How many things do you take for granted in your everyday life? Probably a lot more than you realise. Then again, that’s part of what it means to take something for granted. But just for fun, here are a few items that many people routinely take for granted: Plenty of […]

How to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater


When you purchase a new item, especially one for everyday use, you want it to last as long as possible.  You also want to help keep it in the best possible condition for years of reliable use. Well, your water heater is no exception. In fact, the average lifespan of […]