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Bathroom Cleaning & Organising Tips

Everybody likes a neat and clean home…well, almost everybody.  But very few enjoy all the hard work it takes to keep it that way.  What do we do? We look for shortcuts, but not so “short” that it jeopardizes the quality of our efforts.

After all, anytime company arrives you want to put your best house forward.  Well, now you can keep doing that while freeing up some extra time for other pursuits.


Does everything in your bathroom really belong there.  After all, in most homes it’s the smallest room, but also the one with the greatest amount of extraneous “stuff”. So, when in doubt, throw it away or move certain items that would be easier to access elsewhere, such as jewelry, crossword puzzles, kids’ toys, and so on.  The less clutter you have to navigate your way through, the shorter the cleaning time.


Once again, the better organised your bathroom supplies, the simpler and faster the cleaning.  Here are a few ways to go about it:

  • Use small containers or dividers to keep drawers from becoming a tangled mess. For example, use one for hair pins, another for Q-tips, and so on.
  • Use hooks for bath towels and racks for robes and bath towels.
  • If you’re lacking in drawer space, baskets and wall shelves are a nice substitute.

Clean More Often

Cleaning your bathroom more frequently saves more time than it consumes. Keep a caddy with sanitizing wipes, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, and a scrub brush right beneath the sink so you don’t have to round up the supplies each time.

Prevent Future Clutter & Mess

Think of the cleaning hindrances you face each time, then vow to do something about them. Dirty laundry on the floor? Place a hamper either in or nearby the bathroom.  Makeup making a jumbled mess of the countertop? Keep a small towel with your makeup and set it out on the counter beforehand to catch the mess.

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