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Have a Blocked, Messy Drain? That’s Our Cup of Tea!

Not literally, of course.

But we’re passionate about resolving blocked drain, sewer, and toilet problems to your Professional satisfaction. It shows, too – not  just in our thorough approach to every task, but in how well  equipped we are to handle every drain cleaning matter.

Here are just two examples of our advanced drain cleaning services:

Video Drain Inspection – When a blockage is too far down the drain line for us to see what’s going on, our in-line video drain cameras are quite effective in helping pinpoint the extent, nature, and location of the problem. That helps eliminate guesswork, digging, and often results in lower cost service calls.

High-powered Hydro Jetting – While most plumbers come equipped with plungers and augers, our drain cleaning arsenal also includes water-jetting equipment. It’s a tool for blockages that are difficult to reach or those stubbornly resisting all other efforts. By directing a high-pressure spray of water into the affected drain line, we can clear the line from end to end, and not just the area with the blockage.

Here are more good reasons to choose Swan’s Professional Plumbing:

  • On-time or we pay you $50
  • 24/7 emergency service available
  • Guaranteed upfront price quote
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

And don’t forget our Red-Carpet Service, designed to protect your home and the work area from any mess or harm.

Have a blocked drain or toilet that simply won’t budge? Then it’s time to bring in the professionals…Swan’s Professional Plumbing.