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Hot water not working? Repair or Replace Perth

Do you ever wonder why a plumber will often suggest replacing your hot water unit, rather than repair the system? 

A Swan’s Plumbing, we always will offer different options at different price points and levels of repair or replacement. In every case, there is still a valid reason for each option, and we will always have your best interest at heart. We are not in the business of trying to push you to purchase something that isn’t required.

When it comes to hot water repair, there are a few different ways we can go about it. 

Swan’s Professional Plumbing will suggest a hot water repair when

  • The unit is five years old and due for a major service – this date can be found on all hot water storage units
  • The anode and the hot and cold relief valve need replacing. The anode protects the tank from rust, while too hot and cold relief valves protect the unit from exploding.
  • Temperature fluctuating could mean there may be an issue with the tempering valve
  • Pilot light won’t stay alight, and the unit has no signs of rust, test the thermocouple, and if it isn’t registering a signal, this will be replaced. A thermocouple is safety device that detects if there is a naked flame from the pilot assembly. If it doesn’t detect the flame, it will automatically shit off the gas valve to prevent a gas leak.

If the plumber believes that your hot water unit will not benefit from a repair and will need to be replaced, it will more often than not be related to

  • If the unit hasn’t had major service at five years. It is now eight years old – no anode replaced, rust has most likely set in and started to corrode the tank. Rust cannot be reversed or fixed inside the tank
  • External signs of rust will mean that the storage tank is corroding
  • If there is an apparent sign of leaking water. Cracks in the unit will compromise. Water leaks inevitably will turn off the pilot light and are usually impossible to repair
  • Hot water running out too quickly – time for an upgrade, to a larger unit. 
  • Changing from storage to instantaneous – this ill entail more work as the gas the pipes will also need upgrading to accommodate the more significant gas consumption

Swan’s Professional Plumbing and gas are always available for you water heater repairs in Perth. Call us today 1300 634 581 to discuss whether your hot water unit is working to its full potential.

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