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How to Make Bath Time Fun

For some kids, bath time is a day at the beach. A bath can fix or alter a bad mood while serving as an ideal reset button to help quiet things down.

And yet, as we all know, not every child fancies a nice warm bath. And therein lies a dual problem: instant and persistent nightmare for you and your child.  To help make it a more agreeable event for everyone concerned, we now offer you the following tips for making bath time a far more positive experience:

Change your routine. If bath time is just before bed, maybe earlier in the day would produce fewer tears, if any.

Chat it up.  Telling a tearful child that a bath is great fun and good for them won’t do much to change their mind, especially if you give that little speech just before plopping them in the water. Better you should bring up the subject either well before bath time or on an off day.

Play time.  Place a few blocks in the tub and watch what can happen when an older toy is injected into a new environment. Children can be very creative, and here’s a chance for them to show you their stuff.

Introduce new bath toys outside the tub. Let your toddler play with his boats on dry land, then show him how much fun it is to float them in water.

You should huff, and puff, and blow up a few balloons. After all, what’s fun outdoors or inside your family room can be just as much fun inside the tub.

Sing silly songs. Need inspiration? Check out this station on YouTube and memorize a couple to sing together.

Paint the tub. Add some food coloring to shaving cream and grab a paintbrush. Kids can paint the tub and it washes right off. Join in the fun and they’ll be more likely to enjoy it.

We hope you’ve found one or more ideas worth trying and, with a little luck, might actually succeed. But speaking bath time, how’s your tub holding up? Maybe it’s old and showing its age, too small, or just no longer consistent with your décor. At Swan’s Professional Plumbing, tub replacement is one of our many household plumbing services. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.