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“Is it Time to Replace My Water Heater?”

In its own way, your water heater speaks to you. In its glory days, it’s silent and steady operation tells you “all is well.”

But what happens when general wear and tear start to catch up with it? Then it speaks a whole different language. Let’s listen in and find out what yours might be trying to tell you now:

Rust-coloured hot water – This is a silent signal from your water heater indicating that the insides of its storage tank are corroding and that your storage tank system most likely needs to be replaced.

Leaking water – This is another sound of silence, also signaling internal corrosion that has led to water leaking and pooling around the base of your unit.

Too many birthday candles? – Birthdays have a way of sneaking up on people AND water heaters. You see, even if yours has never given you an ounce of trouble, it’s only going to last so long – on average, 10 – 12 years for a storage tank system. If yours has reached or exceeded that age range, then you’re left with one of two basic choices: hang onto it and deal with each repair problem as it arises, or be proactive and replace it so you don’t have to worry about repair costs or not having enough hot water.

Loud banging noises – If the anode rod inside your water heater storage tank has broken loose, it makes a sound you can’t miss: loud banging noises as it continually bumps into the inner lining of your storage tank. Caught and repaired early enough, internal damage can be minimised to help you postpone a replacement water heater purchase.

If you inherited your water heater after moving into your home and you don’t know it’s age, you can easily find out. Simply jot down the serial number found on the metal plate attached to your storage tank and call or email that information to the system’s manufacturer.

All factors considered, if you’re ready now to replace your water heater now, contact Swan’s Professional Plumbing to schedule a free in-home needs analysis and new system proposal. We’ll even give you alternative choices to help you get what’s best for your family and budget.