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Gas Service

Swan’s Professional Plumbing: Your Nearby Licensed Plumbers and Gas Fitters.

Whether your house is supplied by natural or propane gas, you don’t want anyone installing a new connection, repairing one, or conducting an inspection of your gas fittings and connections unless they are licensed and experienced gas fitters. Your family’s safety is too important to settle for anyone not up to the task.

But we are: Swan’s Professional Plumbing.

Connecting Gas Grill | Connecting Gas Range

Starting today, we can help you enjoy the advantages of natural or propane (LPG) gas even more by installing connections for:

  • A new gas water heater.
  • An outdoor gas line and connection so you can stop grilling charcoal or propane (LPG) tanks that always seem to run out in mid-barbecue.
  • A gas connection in your kitchen for a new gas range and/or oven…remember, all the world’s great cooks and chefs cook with gas…isn’t it time you started cooking with the best?

Plus, we maintain and repair all household gas connections, indoors and outdoors.

For prompt, experienced, and safety-first gas service, contact Swan’s Professional Plumbing today.