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What Makes a Shower Drain Smell Bad?

If entering your bathroom and, particularly, you shower stall delivers a knock-out punch to your sense of smell, you have “stinky shower syndrome”.  Okay, that’s not an actual thing, but stinking showers are nevertheless real.

What causes the odour?  Mostly it’s from bacteria that forms on clogged hair, soap scum, and other substances other than water. Deodorising helps a little, but it won’t solve the problem.

Here’s what does work:

  • Uncoil a wire hanger
  • Use it to clean out the drain as far down as you can reach
  • Next, pour in a cup of undiluted bleach or hydrogen peroxide to kill any remaining bacteria

To prevent the bacteria-induced odour from returning, simply clean your tub and shower drain more often…it’s really that simple.

Check Surrounding Drains

The bad smell might be coming from the bacteria and gunk inside the drain, but it also might be related to other drains and/or the trap and venting system. Clean out bathroom sink drains and nearby tub drains in the same fashion as described above.

If the problem still doesn’t go away, Swan’s Professional Plumbing is always ready to lend a helping hand…and that goes for any plumbing, drain, or hot water service. Contact us today or anytime for timely and high-quality service.