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Do I Have a Blocked Sewer?

Don’t you hate having ask such a question? After all, resolving a sewer blockage isn’t like repairing a leaky tap or replacing a toilet.  It’s potentially a big and costly problem.

Still, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, especially since resolving the problem also can be a simple and low-cost proposition. For now, let’s concentrate on the usual signs of a blocked sewer:

  • Multiple Blocked Fixtures – If, for example, your shower, bath, and sink drains are all blocked at the same time, there’s a strong likelihood that a blocked sewer is lurking behind the scenes.
  • Gurgling Toilet – The gentle sound of gurgling is a wonder to absorb from a baby, but not from a toilet. So, if your toilet bubbles up and the water level rises right after you turn on a tap, once again, you have reason to suspect a blocked sewer line.
  • Backflow from Your Washing Machine – It might seem like a coincidence, but be on the lookout for a toilet that overflows while your washing machine drains its water.
  • Unpleasant Odour – If the smell of raw sewage is permeating all or part of your home…you guessed it…another indication of a sewer blockage.
  • Damp Spot on Your Lawn – A blocked sewer also is the probable cause when one small area of your lawn is damp and soggy while the rest is bone dry.

Are you noticing any of these symptoms? If so, contact Swan’s Professional Plumbing for prompt and decisive action. We’ll provide a price quote in advance for your approval. We’ll also show you ways to prevent any future sewer problems. Swan’s Professional Plumbing: completely focused on your home plumbing, drain, and hot water needs.