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“Do I Have a Hidden Water Leak?”

What’s so terrible about a leaking faucet or showerhead? After all, you can see them, hear them and, very often, fix them yourself…before the constant dripping drives you plumb crazy.

But what about those leaks that aren’t so easy to spot? Say, for example, water leaking from a pipe inside one of your walls, or behind your refrigerator from a crack or gap in the connection to your sink?

Those are the kind that can cause the most damage precisely because they aren’t readily apparent. And yet even hidden water leaks have a way of informing you of their existence. Here are several examples:
• You hear water running even though no taps or fixtures are in use
• You see signs of mould or mildew
• Your water bill is considerably higher than normal even though your usage has remained relatively constant
• You feel warm areas on floors in your home or on garage floors
• You detect unusually patches on your lawn

These are just some of the clues that somewhere in your home or on your property, water is leaking where it shouldn’t be. And that’s all the reason you need to contact Swan’s Professional Plumbing for our water leak detection and repair services. Using the latest electronic leak detection equipment, we can quickly and accurately pinpoint the location and extent of the leak.

Then, and using minimally invasive tactics, we can fix the leak or repair the broken pipe as needed. Equally important, we can prevent damage to your home or property before it happens or, at worst, stop in from progressing any further.

For water leak detection or any other home or business plumbing need, contact Swan’s Professional Plumbing today.