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Hidden Plumbing Problems & How to Spot Them

Before you Professional the purchase of a new home, a thorough inspection is undertaken to help protect you from unwelcome surprises.  The problem is, official home inspections don’t cover everything, so you still need to be vigilant and know when and where to seek help.

Take plumbing, for example. Your inspection is likely to cover the condition and age of the water heater, whether the toilets flush as they should, water pressure, and so on.  Put there’s even more that an inspection doesn’t cover.  Here are just a few examples.

  1. Has the house been renovated? Just because a kitchen or bath appears to be new, don’t assume that the plumbing is just as new. Ask to see copies of any paperwork associated with the project, including receipts.
  2. Names of contractors. Knowing what (if any) plumbing work was done is one thing but knowing who did the work is just as important. Was it an experienced and licensed plumber or “friend of the family”? The difference is potentially huge and concerning.
  3.  Quality of parts and material. It’s often easy to tell cheap from well-made, starting with the names of the various manufacturers. Also, be sure the fittings were made in accordance with Australian standards.
  4. Attempts to conceal. A fresh coat of paint isn’t always an act of courteous by the seller, especially if only part of a room has been painted. The latter can indicate an attempt to disguise a water leak and/or a build-up of mold and mildew.     

If you’re looking to purchase a home and want someone by your side who can vouch for the integrity of the plumbing or pinpoint problems that need to be resolve, Swan’s is more than ready and qualified to assist you. Contact us today or any time for the professional plumbing work we know you value.