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How to Keep Floor & Shower Drains Clear

While floor and shower drains are designed to take more abuse than sink drains or toilets, they’re anything but blockage free. Every day, hair, pieces of soap, shampoo residue, and more are entering your drains – and that spells potential trouble.

Blocked Shower Drains

The easiest way to rid your drain of hair is with a commercial hair removal product, like Nair or Veet. Just pour some down the drain and allow the cream or lotion time to dissolve and remove the blockage. Or, try using an equal mixture of baking soda and distilled white vinegar as a clearing substitute. It can be just as effective and is much eco-friendlier.

If your shower drain repeatedly gets blocked, perhaps it’s time to purchase a replacement drain cover – Swan’s Professional Plumbing would be happy to install one or more for you to make drain maintenance a much simpler task.

Blocked Floor Drains

The larger the drain, the longer it will take to block up.  That’s the good news.  Conversely, once a large drain does get blocked, the challenge of clearing it becomes significantly more difficult. That’s why we encourage you to proactively treat your floor drains to regular applications of baking soda and vinegar, followed occasionally by a potful of boiling hot water. You also can contact Swan’s for a supply of Bio-Clean. It’s an organic drain cleaning powder that, once mixed with water, does an outstanding job of preventing blocked drains or cutting through existing blockages.  Bio-Clean is not available in retail stores.

Of course, when all else fails, Swan’s Professional Plumbing is on hand to solve any blocked drain problem. Plus, we guarantee your Professional satisfaction. Contact us today for the help you need, a supply of Bio-Clean, or any other plumbing or hot water service need you might have.