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The Benefits of a Continuous Flow Water Heater

Most of our customers have gas or electric storage tank water heaters and, when it’s time to update to a new and more reliable system, are content to replace like with like.

And yet as knowledge of continuous flow water heaters continues to spread, that trend is starting to take a turn…for the better.

Here’s why. A continuous flow (also called “tankless”) water heater has not storage tank, so that frees up some space inside our outdoors.  But that’s the least of its benefits when you consider what else it provides:

  • Reduced energy costs since it’s not tasked with having to keep water hot 24/7
  • All the hot water you need, so you never need to worry about running out
  • Longer system lifespan (up to 20 years compared to 10-12 years for storage tank models)
  • Can be installed just about anywhere, including inside a closet

The core of a tankless water heater is its wall-mounted heat exchanger. Any time you turn on hot water tap or appliance, cold water is released and flows through the heat exchanger where it’s instantly heated and sent on its way.

Here at Swan’s Professional Plumbing, we also install electric heat pump water heaters, but that’s a blog for another day. In the meantime, contact us to learn more about a continuous flow water heater for your home, including a free in-home hot water needs assessment and new system proposal.