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Why is My Fridge Leaking?

“Fantastic!  The delivery people have just pulled up with our new refrigerator and, in very short order, they’ll plug it in and, just like that, no more problems like we had with the old one!”

Is life really that simple? Don’t we all wish.  You see, even new refrigerators can leak water, and leaks can be difficult to detect.  That’s why you should never completely ignore your fridge, new or old, because a water leak that goes undetected and unrepaired for too long can damage your home.

The most likely source of a leak is from the water line that connects the pipes under your sink to the water dispenser and ice maker on the appliance. To help keep small problems under control, pull your fridge away from the wall about once a month or so. Not only can you keep that area clean, you’ll know instantly if water is leaking or has leaked since your last spot check.

It’s better to see a small pool of water than water signs on the floor. The latter indicates that water has seeped through your floor, into the subflooring and perhaps even further where damage can occur.

Water Line Fridge Leaks

Once you’ve determined that water is leaking anywhere along the water line connection:

  • Turn off the water supply to the fridge. The shut off valve is often located under the sink.
  • Unplug the fridge or turn it off at the circuit breaker.
  • Contact Swan’s Professional Plumbing to repair or replace the water line connection.

No matter where water is leaking inside or outside your home – even if the leak is invisible – Swan’s can locate, diagnose, and repair or replace the source of the leak to your Professional satisfaction.  Contact us today or any time for prompt and expert service.